Artwork Guidelines

DCG ONE supports most applications, native file formats and media types. We also accept print ready PDF’s prepared to our specifications. Please see our artwork guidelines for a complete list, as well as font and image requirements.

» Download our artwork guidelines

Data Guidelines


We can accept a variety of media types, please contact us if your preferred method is not listed below.

Supported File Types

  • DBF Files: This is a standard database file.
  • Text Files:
    • Tab-Delimited or Comma-Delimited: Header should be first record, or a file layout should be included with data.
    • Fixed Field File: A record layout including field lengths must be included with this type of file.
    • Excel File: We can receive files in excel format but it is not the preferred file type. Excel can cause issues with numeric fields as well as inserting strange characters when text has been wrapped within a field. If sending excel please be sure that there is no wrapping with fields.

Envelope Die Lines

Our most popular die lines are now available for you to download as an Adobe Acrobat PDF.

If the die line you need is not available for download, contact our prepress department and they will be happy to assist you.


  • These dielines are Illustrator CS2 editable pdfs.
  • Open the dieline in Illustrator and turn off or delete the 'INFO' and 'BLEEDS' layers. Everything left on the 'DIELINE' layer is what you need to build your envelope.
  • Save the file in your desired format (pdf, eps, ai) for placement in a layout application to build your envelope.

Changes in USPS Folded Selfmailer Requirements

Starting January 5, 2013, new standards for Folded Selfmailers (FSM) begin. Size, format and tabbing requirements for FSM automation rates are changing.

» Download a reference document and some highlights of the change  

» View the full information on the USPS website  

Postal Information

The USPS Quick Service Guide is an abbreviated version of the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM). On this website, you can find detailed specifications about physical standards, allowable content, eligibility standards, prices & fees, permit information, tabbing, and more.

» Download the current USPS price list  

Equipment List

DCG ONE employs state-of-the-art equipment enabling us to produce the highest quality products for our customers.

» Download our complete equipment list